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The future of manufacturing - Industry 4.0

Camozzi Digital, a new Camozzi Group company, was created with the intention to support companies that want to grow

and be successful by exploiting digital innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT).


The evolution of the industrial world led to the development of a global network capable of incorporating and connecting machinery, warehousing and logistic systems, and equipment and buildings all in the form of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). “Intelligent” systems capable of exchanging information, generating the actions necessary to control everything in a completely independent and automatic manner.


Through the technologies offered by Camozzi Digital, Smart Factories will be able to fully exploit the benefits of the digital management of production, focusing exclusively on the product, separate from the operative issues related to equipment management.

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The Smart Factory that serves

Smart Factories

Being a Smart Factory means exploiting new technologies in the context of all processes to establish platforms

and equipment.


Camozzi Digital offers Advanced Analytic instruments through which the performance of processes is monitored, predictive analytics is carried out, and the functioning conditions of machinery are continuously correlated with energy consumption

and the state of components.


Thanks to the development of two innovative software platforms for the digital and real-time management of production

and maintenance tasks, combined with the skills of a team of technicians specialized in Remote Technologies, Camozzi Digital guarantees a continuous support by means of supervision and analytic monitoring of the essential process parameters.

Camozzi Group

The unique combination of Competence and Technology

What makes the offering of the Camozzi Group unique is its ability

to synchronize experience and know-how in a universal way throughout each of its companies.


This means combining industrial, managerial and technical knowledge. In fact, Camozzi Digital is a Digital Incubator

where different technical abilities converge: Electronics, Computer Science, Automation, Mechanics, Energy Engineering,

Lean Production, Total Quality Management, IT, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, IP Management, Marketing & Legal.

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Due to the experience developed within the Camozzi Group and to specific software and hardware expertise, Camozzi Digital

will be able to support companies of very different sectors, but united by the prospect of growth through the exploitation

of the Digital World and IoT. An offering of services that foresees the development of customized IoT products and solutions, cloud platforms to collect data, PMS, remote maintenance and services for Digital Process Engineering.

Camozzi Digital Process

Our mission: create added value

Camozzi Digital Box

Custom made products, services and skills

Industry 4.0

Let us bring you into the future of industry

Azure IoT platform


To Camozzi Digital, creating added value means supporting

the entire process of “Digitalization”.


It means supporting the entire process of “Digitalization”

starting from the analysis of specific features, the analytic definition

of parameters, of the sensors and of the equipment and electronics

for the physical implementation of an IoT solution.

to the definition of the architecture and development of the best Cloud

solution according to the client’s needs.


Camozzi Digital offers special packages that enable the connection of the industrial machinery to the digital world.

This is the essential step towards digital management of the factory.


The Digital BOX contains all the necessary hardware to accomplish telemetry functions and monitoring of physical parameters and operating conditions of the main organs and operative systems: monitoring of control cabinets, energy consumption,

the state of machinery, efficiency, and productivity of each element. Algorithms have been implemented through Advanced Analytic instruments for the recognition of: anomalous patterns, statistical or recursive drift phenomena.


Predictive algorithms have also been developed. Process KPIs are monitored and the correlation between essential parameters is performed, linked to maintenance, the state of components, energy consumption and production efficiency.

The results of this constant monitoring are securely accessible anytime and anywhere through Multi-device applications.

The access is included in the Digital BOX offer.

Camozzi Digital develops its solutions and offers its services

based on the Microsoft® platform Azure IoT.


The partnership with Microsoft® enables us to offer the client important benefits:

A complete platform capable of processing structured and non-structured data, with high security standards

Real-Time Data Warehouse and Big Data Solution

Implementation of a standard platform for IoT

Possibility of accelerating developments, and customizing and scaling the solution in an easy and reliable way

Possibility of connecting the developed solutions with an extensive range of software, services and devices

for partners or third parties

Possibility of leveraging the global support of the Microsoft® network

Furthermore, thanks to the installation of the Digital Box our clients can activate several additional services. According

to the chosen function and the established targets, our specialized team deals with the digital supervision of equipment

and machinery in order to identify the necessary actions that guarantee the client a substantial reduction of operating costs

and the achievement of a long-lasting competitive advantage.

The solutions offered by Camozzi Digital are implemented by leveraging on the Azure Cloud platform and Cortana Analytics Suite of Microsoft®. in particular, through Cortana Analytics Suite, Camozzi Digital’s experts analyze and translate the telemetry

data with concrete actions, by combining digital and industrial competencies, to advise the customer on factory performance optimization.

industry 4.0

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